Texas Ranch Life
Meet Harry and Horace...our new miniature ponies.

These two buddies came to the ranch from a local farm that could no longer care for them.  The previous owner wanted to keep the ponies together because they were such good friends, and luckily, Texas Ranch Life had an extra pasture that needed some inhabitants.

Harry is super sweet and loves to be petted by everyone...especially kids!
Horace is really pretty and a little grouchy, but he perks up once you give him some tasty carrots.

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Marc Z
08/17/2012 02:01

Great addition to the ranch. Harry and Horace must be enjoying their new home at Texas Ranch. I like that Harry loves attention, and Horace more or less just loves carrots.
Love the article, as well as some of your other informative blogs. My name is Marc, and aside from being a native Texan who loves to travel, I also work for Bescover -- where we love all things B&B! It's truly a privilege being a part of your online community.
Go longhorns!

07/08/2013 06:30

Lacey, hope Harry and Horace will find your home best place for them! These animals are very tender and sensitive. Hope your attitude would be just a benefit for you altogether. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

08/20/2013 22:11

A same amazing blog advise. We are actually thankful for your blog announce. You will discovery a multiple of approaches posterior visiting your notify.

10/08/2013 17:30

what a cute couple hope they breed make lots and lots of cute little pony's . I want to have one too you know


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